How would you like to get more done in the next 90 days than most people do in 9 months?

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Have you ever said to yourself…

“Where did my year go?”

Sure you have. But, most of the time it was in response to someone pointing out how fast the year came and went.

Remember how you started the year on a high note. “This is the year!” you said.

You put your head down and started working. Full of enthusiasm and hope, you told your friends that you didn’t have time for their parties, going to the movies, or that barbecue (that you really don’t like going to anyway) because “you have work to do.”

They gave you that look… The one that said suuuurree. I’ve heard that before.

And, they’re right. You’ve tried and failed before. In fact, your last mistake almost caused you to give up on your dreams completely…

This time would be different.

You were unfazed by all the comments from family about your “new project.”

You happily spend your free time creating products, laying out plans, and daydreaming about the day that you make it big…

…or at least make enough money to stop stressing about bills and finally go on a real vacation.

As the months passed…

You found yourself less and less enthused about the progress of your side project. It wasn’t making the money that you’d hoped for…

You had four projects that were incomplete. The software you thought was going to take you to the next level was sitting on your computer unused. The gurus you’d been listening to had conflicting ideas and you didn’t know which one to follow. So, you did nothing.

You’d started learning how to market on Facebook but got distracted when someone told you YouTube was the way to go. So, you turned to YouTube videos…

The videos weren’t your thing but you did them anyway until you found out that Instagram was the place to be…

And, you can’t forget about all of the wealthy execs on LinkedIn. To wrap it all up, your website was still “under construction”…

At some point, the simple plan that you began the year with was now so congested and complicated that you scrapped it…

Because you knew what you needed to do.

You just had to do it.

You redoubled your efforts. You resorted to to-do lists. Each week that list got longer and longer while your list of completed projects barely grew. And, now you’re ashamed to even look at the list…

The happiness is gone.

But, when friends and family ask you, “How’s business?” You smile and tell them “I’m still building” because you don’t want to let them know…

…that you’re struggling to make real progress

…you’ve lost your focus

…and you’re flat out scared to do anything more than read blogs, post inspirational quotes, and watch how-to videos.

One day while sitting in your favorite chair drinking your third cup of coffee (trying to get yourself fired up to work on your business), you decide to make another plan.

The only problem is you don’t know how to make a plan. The past year is proof of that.

You know what you need, though. You need a system.[/text_block]

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The ideal goal-setting system

…would have what you needed all in one place and help you get things done without having to relearn some complicated steps and be super organized like a biochemist with OCD. (That would be awesome!)

In a final effort to find some solace, you ask God for some help. You tell Him that the perfect system for you would…

  • Help you narrow down my goals so you don’t get overwhelmed
  • Help you overcome my procrastination and other excuses you give myself for stopping and starting
  • Stop you from being tentative about what you want to do so that you can walk in my purpose (or personal mission)
  • Teach you how to find the time in my schedule to write and create so that you can continue to have successful days
  • Give you a good time management system so you’re not frustrated and all over the place
  • Help you prioritize so you can finish my projects
  • Help you decide the right steps to achieve my goals after you write them
  • Determine what’s really important to you instead of always doing for everyone else
  • Keep you focused so you don’t go after every new idea you come up with
  • Help you set realistic goals that you know you can achieve when you want to set outrageous goals that you know you can’t do in the time you want them done
  • Show you how to break out of my comfort zone and take risks even when you’re scared to death of what people will say
  • Jump back on course after a slump and build my self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth
  • Get the knowledge and skills you need to be unstoppable

Soooo… off to the internets you go looking for answers.

You find books that say time management is the key. While others say you should manage your energy…

One system says focus on your long-term goals. Another says long-term goals are too far off to focus on…

Time blocking and weekly schedules sound like they might be a good thing to do but you’re not sure exactly how to do them…

Then, there was something about eliminating social media and not looking at your email because it’s distracting. That made sense, too, but does that mean you have to spend every waking hour working?

That’s not the life you want. You want more freedom not another job…

You just want to know what you’re supposed to do to build a successful business step-by-step and the answers you’ve found were good but they weren’t organized.

If only you had a system that would put everything together…

Would Be The Golden Chalise of Achievement

This of course is the point where I’m supposed to offer you the golden chalise of goal achievement. Sorry, I don’t have one of those.

What I do have is a simple system based on science and personal experience. This is the system that took me from a big-dreamer to a big-doer.

With this system, you will start finishing the stuff that you start. Your friends will be amazed at how much you get done. (I’m not kidding. I here this almost every week!)

And, you won’t sacrifice the time you have to spend doing the things that mean the mnost to you or lose out on spending time with your favorite people. (Check out the feedback from a couple of my students below.)

Now, if you’re ready to procrastinating on the stuff that you know you want to get done, simply click the “I’m Ready” button on this page for access to the e-course that will show you how to make your life happen.

To your success…

God bless,

Fortune, “Your Favorite Coach”[/text_block]

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Module #1 Intro and Overview

This module introduces you to the DC90 Achievement System and begins your transformation into intentional living.

Module #2 What Your Track

Feel like you never have enough time? This module shows you how to find the time and identify the most important ways to spend your time.

Module #3 Writing Goals u0026amp; Steps to Achieve Them

Having goals and knowing how to turn them into actionable steps are different concepts. You’ll learn how to do both in this module using the RACE Formula.

Module #4 Be More Productive

The best way to execute your plans is to work efficiently and effectively. In this module, you’ll learn how to do that by scheduling your week according to the way you work best.

Module #5 Mental Toughness

The proper mindset is key. Yet, you’ll struggle to get through your day without burning out if you don’t learn how to build up and restore your four sources of energy (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) on a daily basis.

Module #6 Willpower u0026amp; Patient-Execution

When willpower wears out, what do you do? How about we tackle that issue before it happens and learn how to keep improving your skills along the way?


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Full Course Contents

You’ve already been introduced to the power of 90-day runs from my ebook (and the journal). You’ve come to this page with the hope of taking your success to the next level. That I can help you do.

In this course you learn:[/text_block]

  • An easy way to define your personal mission and clarify your purpose
  • A 3-step strategy to achieve any goal using the ARC philosophy
  • A one-page worksheet that has helped hundreds of people to take control of their schedule and find the time to get more done
  • A personalized mission statement to simplify your decision-making
  • A process that top performers use to develop their skills and tackle their goals
  • Scientifically-backed performance hacks to give you all-day-energy
  • Easy-to-use productivity hacks so you get more done in less time
  • Ridiculously simple power routines that jumpstart your day and de-stress you before bed
  • Cutting edge mind hacks to strengthen your self-belief and self-confidence
  • The “I Can Do It” factor for those moments when you feel like you can’t
  • And much more…



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#testimonial-9c5e56f7229045611d528e5c8a5a10d7 cite a{

“Before taking the course with Dwight, I really struggled with balancing my time between my business and being a wife, mom and full time employee. I was looking for tools that would allow me to get more done in less time… After working with Dwight, I am now able to better manage my time… I have learned ways to spend less time on my business but still be laser focused and more productive. This has allowed planning for my business to take less of my time and has also improved my relationships because I am able to spend my time in more meaningful ways.”

Tiffany Mosley Polar

Tiffany Mosley Polar
Audrey, Grace u0026amp; Izzy jewelry




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“When I first started the program I knew the outcome I wanted but I wasn’t consistent with the steps needed in order to reach my goal. The program gave me defined steps that not only assisted in my business but also in my personal life. My life has changed by allowing me to recognize the importance of my time… I have gained numerous hours back in my day to day activities in order to focus on the more important things in life.”

Tonya Gardner

Tonya Gardner
Somebody’s Child, founder


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